hvgo wet

In this day and age crate digging has for the most part been replaced in favor of digital platforms where everything is just a fingertip away.  I’ll spend countless hours scrolling through the archives of these sites or apps in search of unique talent and every so often I get lucky, finding exactly what I’m looking for.  Not too long ago I stumbled across upcoming PA artist Hvgo and his concise catalog of absolute bangers!

Recently, Hvgo dropped a single titled “Wet!” and like always I was impressed. Hvgo teams up with underground producers Redda and Gin$eng together creating a high energy banger sure to make your head nod a time or two.

Wet!” is the first single from Hvgo and Redda’s upcoming EP not yet titled.  After hearing the chemistry between these two on this track I look forward to hearing a full project of Hvgo’s fast paced delivery combined with Redda’s uptempo instrumentals and wavy bass lines.

Check this song out for yourself and download below.



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