chxpo wicked

“The demons respect me, the angels protect me” is one of Chxpo’s many classic lines from “Bvndgxd” his hit single that swept the underground by storm earlier this year.  Since the release of that mixtape the Cleveland rapper’s dropped a non stop barrage of music and even before then he was on an insane pace.

Staying true to his impeccable work ethic, Chxpo drops another banger titled “Wicked“.  On this record Chxpo delivers tales of back-stabbing friends and hustling to make it while chasing his dreams of making it big in the music industry.  

Chxpo links up with familiar face DJ Flippp to produce this latest trap melody.  This is personally one of my favorite duos in the underground scene and anytime they team up its worth a listen!

Check it out for yourself and download below.



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